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Wiggly Voice Overs

In-game announcer for Super Meat Boy
as well as this swell trailer by James ID.

Who would complain about being a part of
a featured trailer for NINTENDO ar PAX2017!?
Wiggly once again joins with Team Meat for Super Meat Boy Forever.
He will once again be providiing the in-game voiceover acting.

Wiggly adds voice over for the Jack Lumber Trailer!
Jack Lumber, Gasketball, RSSS, Card Hunter,
Guacamelle STCE, and Enter the Gungeon
created and edited by Kert Gartner.

Wiggly adds voice over for the Gasketball Trailer!

Voice over for the Realistic Summer Sports Simulator Trailer!

Five word voice over for the Guacamelee
Super Turbo Championship Edition Trailer!

Voice work for the Card Hunter Trailer!

I made noise on that Playstation Enter the Gungeon!

Video Work

The Series Finale of the 5 year run of the Podcast-A-Go-Go

Wiggly is back for the 500th Episode of Podcast-A-Go-Go
and it was shot at his own recreation of my grandparents' Sloppy Joe's Bar.

18 years in the making, 6 months of full effect editing.
The SUD video is released!

Pick up the SUD song in iTunes.

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Wiggly's Mini Mall

Wiggly Art

Help to Support the Art of Wiggly
Throw me some cash at me to help pay for all this crap.
the websites, crayons and equipment. Shoebox full of cash.

Music of Wiggly and Trap Door

C-Rex Single
Go-Go Theme 2011• cd babyitunes
CHIKARA Themes (4 Tracks) • itunes
C-Rex Single
C-Rex • cd babyitunes
CHIKARA Theme 2009
CHIKARA Theme '09 • itunes
Chikara Theme 2008
CHIKARA Theme '08 • itunes
Inorganic MUHmbience
MUHmbience • cd babyitunes
50 Years
50 Years • cd babyitunes
Song of Luv Single
Song of Luv Single • itunes
sub-conscious • cd babyitunes
Flying Discs of Luv
F.D.O.L. 1st E.P. • cd babyitunes

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